Service in English is available Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 21:00 EST, and Saturday & Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00 EST.

Service in French is available Monday to Friday from 17:00 to 21:00 EST, and Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00.


We normally answer our e-mails every day, but we have two small children, and we sometimes get held up with family duties, so please allow 48 hours for us to reply to your message.

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In Person

Sunday, Jan 14Reptiles-Concept: 11h-17h
Monday, Jan 15Reptiles-Concept: CLOSED
Tuesday, Jan 16Reptiles-Concept: 11h-18h
Amanda 11h30 - 14h
Wednesday, Jan 17Reptiles-Concept: 11h-18h
Amanda 11h - 14h
Thursday, Jan 18Reptiles-Concept: 11h-21h
Amanda 11h - 14h, Martin 17h-19h30
Friday, Jan 19Reptiles-Concept: 11h-21h
Amanda Cancelled, Martin 17h-19h30
Saturday, Jan 20Reptiles-Concept: 11h-17h
Sunday, Jan 21Reptiles-Concept: 11h-17h
Monday, Jan 22Reptiles-Concept: CLOSED
Tuesday, Jan 23Reptiles-Concept: 11h-18h
Amanda 11h - 14h
Wednesday, Jan 24Reptiles-Concept: 11h-18h
Amanda 11h - 14h
Thursday, Jan 25Reptiles-Concept: 11h-21h
Amanda 11h - 14h, Martin 17h-19h30
Friday, Jan 26Reptiles-Concept: 11h-21h
Amanda 11h - 14h, Martin 17h-19h30
Saturday, Jan 27Reptiles-Concept: 11h-17h
You can visit our public display inside of Reptiles Concept during their regular hours, however purchases can only be made when either Martin or Amanda are present. Our schedule varies (we have two small children, so we need to remain flexible), but the hours listed in red on the schedule are the most up to date for our availability at the shop. It is a good idea to verify our schedule on the day you wish to visit just in case we have any last minute changes. Please note that we are rarely in the shop on Saturdays and Sundays, but if we have advance notice we may be able to make appointments on these days.

3775 Notre Dame Ouest
Montreal QC H4C 1P8
(inside Reptiles Concept)
Metro stop: Place St-Henri

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order? (Canadian Residents)

To place an order, send us an email and include in your message the animals requested (including size and quantity) and your postal code (used to calculate shipping fees). We will then email you a detailed quote including all taxes and shipping fees.

Do you ship to the USA?

We can ship to the USA to customers who have a US Fish and Wildlife (USFW) import/export license. For more information on how to obtain this license, go to A minimum order of $1000 (plus air freight and inspection fees) is required for shipments to the USA.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship internationally as long as all laws regarding the importation of animals to the destination country are respected. It is the importer's responsibility to research the local laws, as we will not be responsible for animals confiscated by authorities due to improper importation. We only ship international orders via air freight .When the animals arrive at the destination, the importer will need to clear the box with customs and pay any applicable importation taxes/ customs fees. A minimum order of $1000 is required for international shipments.

Why are most of the animals on your price list babies and juveniles?

Most of the animals on our price list are babies and juvenile because we specialize in captive bred invertebrates. We try to discourage the collection of wild animals for the pet trade and promote captive breeding instead.

What does "WC" mean on your price list?

"WC" indicates a "wild caught" animal.

Why are there no common names listed on your website?

The use of common names when making tarantula purchases can be problematic. One reason is that sometimes a common name is used for more than one species (Example: Red Rump can refer to both Brachypelma vegans and Megaphobema robustum). Another reason is sometimes one species may go by several common names (Example: Aphonopelma seemanni goes by Striped Knee, Zebra Knee, Striped Leg, etc.). Sometimes it is easy to confuse common names, as they can be very similar (Blood Leg, Fire Leg, Red Leg, Red Knee, Flame Knee, etc.). For these reasons, we do not use common names on our website. When only the scientific names are used, there is no question as to which species is requested and we can be sure that the buyer is getting the exact species he or she is looking for.

Why is there not a form to place an order directly on your website?

There is no form on our website to place an order because shipping fees and methods vary depending on the location to which we are shipping, and the shipping methods need to be researched for each client who contacts us. Once we know a client's postal code, we explore the different shipping methods to find one that is safest for the animals AND most economical for the client.

I have a mature male tarantula. Can I send him to you?

We are always on the lookout for mature males for our breeding projects. If you have a mature male and you would like know if we can use him for breeding, please email us. If we need the male, we can make arrangements for a breeding loan with 50/50 split of the offspring, or if a 50/50 is not wanted we may consider making a trade for the male. Please remember that we cannot take every male that is offered to us, as sometimes we already have males that we are working with or our females may not be ready to breed.

I have recently bred tarantulas (scorpions, true spiders, etc.). Are you willing to buy them?

If you have bred a species of tarantula, scorpion, etc., we may be willing to take some or all of the offspring if we have need of them for our inventory and if they are offered to us at a reasonable wholesale price. If we are interested in the offspring, we can offer a cash deal or a store credit.

I will be in Montreal. Is it possible to stop by to see your facility?

Yes, we welcome visitors and receive guests frequently. If you plan to be in Montreal and would like to visit our facility, please call or email us to make an appointment to stop by.

Do you make presentations at schools, parties, businesses, etc?

Schedule permitting, we can make educational presentations at school, businesses, parties, etc. Please contact us for rates and availability. If the event is outside of the general Montreal area, travel fees may apply.

How much is shipping to my city?

If you send us a message and let us know your postal code, then we can send you an exact quote for shipping .