Upcoming Events

Apr 27 - Apr 28, 2019

ERAS Spring Expo

We Are Attending! Ollie and Cody will be in charge. We begin taking pre-orders April 1
(Italian Cultural Center, 14230-133 Ave NW, Edmonton)
Apr 27 - Apr 28, 2019

BC Reptile Club Expo

We Are Attending! We begin taking pre-orders April 1. Amanda flying out
(Abbotsford, BC)
Apr 28, 2019

Montreal (Pointe-Claire) Reptile Expo

Martin running this expo, We begin taking pre-orders April 1
(Holiday Inn – 6700 Trans-Canada Hwy, Pointe-Claire, QC)
May 25 - May 26, 2019

Spring Calgary Reptile Expo

We Are Attending!
(Midsun Community Center)
May 26, 2019

Toronto Reptile Expo

We Are Attending
(IC Conference Center, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON)
Jul 20 - Jul 21, 2019

Vancouver Island Reptile Expo

We Are Attending!
(Fernwood Community Center, 1240 Gladstone Ave, Victoria, BC)
Aug 24 - Aug 25, 2019

Western Canada Reptile Expo

We Are Attending!
(Sheraton (Capri) Hotel and Conference Centre, 3310 50 Ave, Red Deer, AB)

Expos THIS Weekend April 27/28: Montreal, Abbotsford and Edmonton

The weekend of April 27/28, Tarantula Canada will be attending THREE expos on the same weekend.  Martin will be running the Montreal expo (April 28 only), Amanda is flying out to Abbotsford, and the Edmonton expo (ERAS) will be in the capable hands of Ollie and Cody.  

Preparing animals for this weekend has been tricky, as we had to split our stock between the three events.  This means that some species will be in extremely short supply, or in cases were we only have one or two specimens in stock, they may not be available at every expo.

Cash will be accepted for payment at the expos of course, but other payment options will be limited at two of the expos, as we only have one mobile card reader.  We have decided to send the reader to Edmonton, so payments can be made with credit card or debit.  In Abbotsford, Amanda will be able to process credit cards by phone, but not debit.  She will be able to accept e-transfers or PayPal on the spot if need be.  For Montreal, Martin is not familiar with the phone system to process credit cards.  Amanda will try to get him trained on it, but right now, it should not be counted on.  Martin may be able to accept e-transfers or Paypal on the spot as well, but it is recommended to bring cash just in case.

ERAS expo reminder: Wild caught animals are NOT permitted for sale at the ERAS expo.  

TarCan apparel back in stock

We finally have our new order of TarCan apparel.  We are fully stocked on Classic Black shirts (now available in youth sizes), baseball style shirts, hoodies, winter caps, and baseball caps.  By popular request, we also have youth size shirts in PINK! 

Second Spring Import has Arrived!

We have just received our second import of the spring!  We are restocked with hobby classics and rare jewels!  Check out the price list for all of the new additions.  There are some additions to our 5 for $100 special, as well as the new 5 for $75 special!  Here are a few highlights:

Avicularia minatrix

Ceratogyrus darlingi

Citharacanthus cyaneus

April is World Autism Month- Please Support team TarCan

Some of you may know that our boys, Anton and Lucien, are autistic. They are wonderful little boys, but they do have their challenges. Thanks to organizations like Autism Speaks, our boys have access to programs, services, and support that help them in their day to day lives, and organizations researching causes and treatments for autism have the resources they need to continue their work. Now, we want to take this chance to give something back.  Team Tarantula Canada will once again be participating in the Montreal Autism Speaks Walk on June 9.  Our team goal is to raise $1000 .  Anyone wishing to donate can do so on our team page (link above).  In addition, a portion of all Tarantula Canada sales through June 9 will be donated to Autism Speaks.

NEW! 5 for $75 Mix and Match Special!

Mix and Match any combination of 5 of these spiderlings for just $75! You save 25%!

Heteropoda javana 1/6"


Neoholothele incei 1/2"

Neoholothele incei GOLD 1/2"

Orphnaecus philippinus 1/4"

Hysterocrates cf. gigas 1/2"

Pterinochilus muriunus 1"

5 for $50 Mix and Match Special

Mix and Match any combination of 5 of these spiderlings for just $50! You save up to 33%!

New to the List!  Tapinauchenius rasti (formerly T. sp. Union Island) 1/2"

New to the List!   Centruroides sculpturatus "gertschi morph" 

New to the List!  Centruroides gracilis 

 Lychas tricarinatus (parthenogenic) 1/3"

Vaejovis spinigerus 1/2"

Nhandu chromatus 1/4


Aphonopelma hentzi 1/4

Aphonopelma iodius 1/4

Pterinochilus muriunus 1/2"

5 for $100 Mix and Match Special

Mix and Match any combination of 5 of these spiderlings for just $100! You save 20%!

New to the list! Ceratogyrus meridionalis 1/2"

New to the list!  Selenocosmia crassipes 1/3"

New to the list!  Tityus stigmurus 1/2"

New to the list!  Viridasius sp. Madagascar 1/2"

Vaejovis confuses 1.5"

Vaejovis spinigerus 1.5"

Centruroides sculpturatus "gertschi morph" 1.5"

Centruroides sculpturatus "xeric morph" 1.5"

Brachypelma auratum 1/4"

Brachypelma hamorii (Classic Mexican Red Knee) 1/4"

Pelenobius muticus 1/2"

Brachypelma boehemi 1/4"

Aphonopelma chalcodes 1/4"

Nhandu coloratovillosus 1/2"

Pterinopelma sazimai 1/4"